Broad Run’s Greatest: Deli Ellison


Aliza Ahmad, Author

In the very first part of this series, we cover one of Broad Run’s Greatest football players – Devin Ellison also known as Deli. Ellison #32 is a freshman quarterback and defensive back. Ellison is also the only freshman to be a starter for varsity. That’s really impressive. 

What does Deli’s daily routine look like? “Get up at 6:00, go to school, lift at 7:15 or 7:20 ish lift, then shower, go to class, then go home [and] do homework. Then sleep and do it all over again” He said. That’s a crazy busy schedule. 

Where does his passion for football come from? “I played soccer before football. But football became the main sport [for me]  because it brings people together, [and] I got to know people that I thought I would never know [through] football” He said. The most important thing he’s learned through football is “To never give up and always be there for others, and stay positive when times are not going the way we want it to.” With success, there are always setbacks.  Devin described his worst sports performance as forgetting to keep his eyes on the backfield. What he learned from this is “ if I keep my eyes in the backfield then the other team scores.” Way to keep your head up Deli! 

Ellison with teammate Brett Griffis

Football is a team sport so having a good relationship with your teammates is important. Devin said that “chemistry and having trust in one another” is the most important aspect of making a successful football team. He looks up to Kyle Davis, Kyle Love, Nick levy, and Brett Griffis” because they’re always positive and think positive.” Ellison describes the Broad Run football team as “Crazy, [but] very supportive and competitive.

Now that we’ve covered his teammates, which coaches does Ellison look up to? He said that he looks up to Former Head Coach Matt Griffis and Coach Oliver “Because they know how to go through and overcome adversity.” The football star said the best piece of advice he’s received from a coach is to “KEEP CHOPPING! Never give up no matter how hard a test gets or life gets. Always put one foot in front of the other, chin up, and do better tomorrow.” That’s great advice. 

“Thank you, seniors, thank you, coaches. For helping [me] be a young man, teaching me how to never doubt myself, and how to get through rough times. I couldn’t have done this alone and I know you guys will do big things. All I wish to do is make you guys proud and help [the] broad run community go back and win a state championship! For the next three years,  Broad Run is going to get nothing but hard work from me.” 

“B.R.O.E FOR LIFE …Deli out”