Should You Watch DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 7?

Should You Watch DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 7?

Why watch Marvel when you have DC: Legends of Tomorrow Season 7? The show has always been the least known series made by DC. If you are a superhero fan and love Sci-Fi, then this show could be your next watch. The newest and the last season, Season 7, has taken the show to a new level of uniqueness. 


During the past 7 seasons of DC Legends Of Tomorrow, the cast has changed from the older, well known group of actors and actresses in DC to newer actors and actresses. The only original character still present on the team is Sarah Lance, played by Caity Lotz. We also have returning characters from previous seasons who were not in the first season, such as Zari played by Tala Ashe and Nate played by Nick Zano.

Season 7 picks up where Season 6 left off with the legends finding themselves stranded in Odessa, Texas in 1925 with a destroyed Waverider after the time ship was demolished. This circumstance causes them to adapt to the early 20th century, because they have no way to go home. Astra then tries using her powers to fix the waverider. 

I believe that the show was bold in stranding the legend in one time zone for this season. But in the end, I believe that their boldness paid off. The team being stuck in the 1920’s was really hard on them for many reasons, including the lack of technology and the racism towards the non-white members on the team. During this season we have been able to see the hardships of characters such as Zari (Tala Ashe), Behrad (Shayan Sobhian), and Astra. This really put a new perspective on the show’s timelines, from being funny and lighthearted to meaningful and distressful.

I believe that all actors in the show acted very well and delivered a great performance. For the first time as an audience, we were able to witness Amy Pemberton as Gideon on screen. I believe that Amy Pemberton gave a new dimension to human Gideon, and her acting really captured the character in every scenario. The season regular actress, Caity Lotz, once again delivered an outstanding performance by making the audience love and relate to her character. Another important actress in this season, Tala Ashe, put Zari One and Two in a new light by making them distinctly their own characters. 

Overall, DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 was pretty great. If you are a Sci-Fi and/or superhero fan then this show is right up your alley.