Let’s Get Creative!

Lets Get Creative!

Melanie Martinez

Are you having a hard time choosing your electives, struggling to pick which classes are most suitable for you? Then you’ve come to the right place! Many students have a hard time choosing their electives for their schedules, but if you want a recommendation, you should definitely join Creative Writing! It’s a wonderful class to learn about different writing styles, create your own storyline to act out, and have lots of enjoyable projects to work on.


Creative Writing is about exploring outside the box. Junior Natalia Calderon who is in Creative Writing described what it’s all about. “Creative Writing is about learning how to write in different forms of writing, not just your typical essay or journal. It’s somewhere where you’re able to write and explore different writing techniques.” There are plenty of reasons why you should take Creative Writing, such as making silly storylines, exploring various writing methods, and doing entertaining projects that make you explore your imagination. Calderon explained why she chose Creative Writing. “I didn’t know what else to do and I didn’t want to take economics, and it seemed like a fun class. Also, Mrs. Evans seems very nice.”  Junior Alberta Quartey also explained why she chose Creative Writing. “I love Mrs. Evans. She tried to make me join the class during my freshman year and I haven’t been able to join it ’til now.” These students certainly love Mrs. Evans! She’s the Creative Writing teacher. Mrs. Evans is a very friendly, thoughtful, and inspiring teacher. Numerous students and teachers have said they love her and her class by saying positive comments.


It’s a class that can be taken as a semester class. Usually, students take other English electives to have as their other semester class like Public Speaking, or they take either Economics or Personal Finance. In Creative Writing, there’s a variety of activities to do. The first thing the class starts is with the “Daily Chalkboard ” which is quotes from people that are inspiring or relatable. Next, Mrs. Evans does attendance by asking a question and the students respond with their opinions.  There’s an activity called “pages” where students read or write for about 15 minutes. It can be any book of their choice and they can choose any topic to write about. There are assignments that are given out that are very goofy and entertaining. Quartey explained her favorite assignment from Creative Writing. “I really love the twelve angry pigs assignment. It was very funny how the class came together and everyone had an accent that made it more funny. It’s about the Big Bad Wolf and the twelve angry pigs were the jury, but they were deciding if the Big Bad Wolf was guilty or not.” Calderon explained an assignment from Creative Writing she really enjoyed doing. “So far the topics we learned about are Nonfiction and Drama, but I really enjoyed doing Drama. It was really fun. I really liked making our script because all the characters were very weird. For our Drama unit, we had to make our own little drama which was an assignment called Collective Dialogue. We had such an amazing script where we came up with our own storyline and dialogue.” Creative Writing is a class where there are many interactive activities that make you feel very involved in the class. 


It’s been a tradition in Broad Run to publish the Unbound magazine, a literary magazine highlighting student works. The magazine earned its name from a myth: in Greek Mythology, Prometheus was the knowledge-giver, the one who was responsible for bringing man up and out of his primal savagery. The gods were so angry at this that they shackled Prometheus and subjected him to awful tortures. The great English poet Percy Bysshe Shelly uses this myth as the basis for his work Prometheus Unbound, in which the Knowledge-Giver is symbolically free.”


Creative Writing is a wonderful way to come up with creative ideas and to express yourself. It most definitely gets you out of your comfort zone, but don’t let it stop you from exploring different things. You will never know if you don’t try, so be wild with your imagination because you could come up with something extraordinary! Now go check with your counselor and ask for Creative Writing to be in your schedule!