Senior Article: Elias Lemus


Aliza Ahmad, Editor

Photo Credits: Maddie Schwenke

Elias Lemus has spent the past four years playing football for Broad Run High School as a center. 

Lemus spoke highly of the team environment at Broad Run. He described it as feeling like a family, “you get to know players and coaches that would do anything for you, and it’s an environment that pushes you to be your best self on and off the field…even when you think you’ve reached your limit, being with your teammates allows you to surpass that.”

Lemus has had several highlights and achievements during his time on the team.Beating Tusky the first time last year was something surreal. It was one of the greatest feelings getting together as a team and just watching the players faces change when we came back.” He also acknowledged that there have been tough times, including his worst sports performance against Stone Bridge last year. “ It was a wake up call to me and I realized that I was prone to mistakes and had to take charge and fix them.” he said. 

Lemus plans to continue his football career at Christopher Newport University. As his high school football career comes to a close, he reflected on the emotions he is feeling. “It felt regular until we started doing events and recognizing seniors,” he said. “I started remembering all the times when players and coaches would tell us to take it all in and that the 4 years would fly by. I felt happy with how my 4 years had gone in the program.”

“If you have the chance to play football then take it, it’s one of the best decisions I could’ve made. It kept me out of trouble and helped me get to where I am today. It helped make me into a man that I’m proud to be and helped me in life,” said Lemus. 

Good luck to Elias, on his college career at Christopher Newport University!

Elias Lemus wearing #78 Photo Credits: Amanda Poffenberger