Senior Athletes: Samantha Brown


Aliza Ahmad, Editor

Samantha Brown, a senior at Broad Run High School, has been a key member of the varsity volleyball team for the past four years. As the team’s libero and defensive specialist, Brown has made a significant impact on the court with her strong defensive skills and leadership.

Brown has been playing volleyball for seven years and credits the sport with teaching her important lessons about mental toughness and the importance of teamwork. “Volleyball is a really mental sport that requires the ability to forget about past mistakes and stay in a good mindset,” Brown said. “A lot of times it’s not about which team has the better skill set, but which team can play together the best, make fewer mistakes, and stay positive after messing up.”

Brown also highlighted the close-knit environment on the Broad Run volleyball team, noting that the players are good friends and often spend time together outside of practice. “We all laugh a lot at practice,” she said.

One of the major highlights of Brown’s high school career was the team’s upset victory over Loudoun County in the first round of districts this season. “We were all so excited and played really well together that game,” Brown said of the win.

As she wraps up her final year of high school, Brown is already looking ahead to the future. She plans to attend college and major in engineering, but will always have fond memories of her time on the Broad Run volleyball team. “It’s sad because I have really enjoyed the years I’ve played volleyball in high school with my classmates,” Brown said. “But I’m ready to go to college.”

We wish Samantha Brown the best of luck as she moves on from Broad Run and begins the next chapter of her academic career!