Senior Athletes: Caroline Towle


Aliza Ahmad, Editor

Caroline Towle, also known as Chip to her teammates, played her final season for the Broad Run Field Hockey Team. She has been playing field hockey since second grade and has been a part of the varsity team since her freshman year. Caroline also plays travel field hockey for Hammers Field Hockey.


One important lesson that Caroline has learned from playing field hockey is that “winning isn’t always about the score.”


Caroline describes her team to be, “like a family.” she added,  “I always feel safe around everyone on the team. They make me laugh and cry and there’s never a time where I don’t look forward to seeing them.” Her passion for field hockey is fueled by her teammates and coaches who keep the sport fun and engaging. “I never get bored of playing.” She said 


Towle describes her major highlights and achievements in field hockey as being a captain, making second team for her district, and scoring her first goal as a freshman. 


The note Caroline wrote for the district finals game her freshman year.

Reflecting on this memorable moment, Caroline said, “We were playing Heritage in the district finals, it was pouring rain and I could barely see anything and I was freezing. There was about a minute left on the clock in the fourth quarter and we were down by one goal. I was standing in front of Heritage’s goalie and out of nowhere a ball comes towards me, out of instinct I just kinda tap it to the side and it went in. I had tied the game and then we went into overtime. That was my first goal for Broad Run Varsity Field Hockey and I honestly didn’t even know it went in until all my teammates came around me and starting hugging me and cheering.” Caroline shared that the team will sometime write down a goal for the game on a piece of paper. Prior to the district final game, Caroline wrote “I will score a goal hehe and kick Heritage’s butt”. Her head coach, Coach Meg, kept it for her and framed it, giving it to Caroline at the end-of-season banquet four years later.


While Towle has had many successful moments on the field, she has also learned from her worst sports performance. She shared, “I used to play softball for one season in fifth grade, and every time I went up to bat I would either cry or fake an injury because I just didn’t like playing and I was afraid of getting hit by the ball. The one time I didn’t cry or fake an injury was the one time that entire season I hit the ball. This forced me to learn that if you stay calm and push through then there will be a good outcome.”


After high school, Caroline plans to attend a four-year university and pursue a degree in communications with the goal of becoming a social media marketer. 


Reflecting on her time at Broad Run, Caroline said, “It’s very upsetting and I feel like it went by so fast and I wish I could just go back in time to my Freshman year and just do everything over again.”


Good luck to Caroline in all her future endeavors!