Broad Run’s Greatest: Coach Kate


Aliza Ahmad, Author

Photo Credit : King Lee

Congratulations to Broad Run’s Girls Basketball team for an amazing 2021-2022 season, ending the season as the Dulles District champs. The Dulles District Coach of the Year for Girls Basketball was one of Broad Run’s Greatest coaches, Coach Kate.

This is Coach Kate’s 4th year coaching basketball for Broad Run. Coach Kate described basketball as, “ a great sport that has always been a big part of my life. I have learned many life lessons from playing the game and competing on a basketball team. It can be very rewarding if you do the work to put yourself in a position to be successful,” she added “As a player, you get to grow individually as well as learn how to work with others on a team. As a coach, you get to provide an avenue for your players to reach their maximum potential as an athlete and as a person.”

Coach Kate’s relationship with her players is definitely something special and the players will remember it years after graduating from Broad Run.

“Coach Kate was the most impactful coach I have had throughout my athletic career. She was supportive and truly helped [me] and each of my teammates reach their potential. She has had a huge contribution to the Broad Run basketball family. I am glad that I have built such a great connection with her over these four years and will not forget her impact on my life,” said Senior Sydney Sokol. Senior Yvonne Lee added that “being coached by Coach Kate has been a blessing. She’s set the tone for the basketball program.” Sophomore Morgan Adams said, “Coach Kate is so supportive and always wants us to do our best. She puts the team before anything else and cares about each and every one of her players”

Photo Credit : King Lee

Junior Sajol Thornhill said, “I think what was most special about being coached by Coach Kate was her not only teaching us about basketball, but her teaching us how to be better people every day.” Coach Kate definitely taught her players some valuable life lessons.

“She has taught me loyalty and accountability. That is something I’ve learned and [applied] to my life every day,” said Lee. “Coach Kate finds it very important to be present with the people she is with and always talks about connections that will last until later years in your life. I think the best piece of advice coach Kate has given me is just to be present with the people around you in the moment,” said Sokol.

Coach Kate is not only a successful basketball player and coach, but she also played and now coaches lacrosse. This is her 4th year coaching lacrosse for Broad Run.

Coach Kate played D1 lacrosse for the Longwood Lancers. “Playing division one lacrosse at Longwood was the experience of a lifetime. It is a program I am very proud and thankful to have been a part of. It was rigorous and rewarding. It was an extremely rewarding experience, competing at a high level, learning valuable life lessons, and gaining lifelong friendships. Would highly recommend competing at the college level to anyone interested in it,” she said.

“The success of this past season is a reflection of hard work and commitment from everyone involved. This includes times when things were easy, and times when things were difficult.[I] couldn’t be more proud of what has been accomplished by our Broad Run Girls Basketball family,” she said. As a basketball player and lacrosse player for Broad Run, I can only say positive things about Coach Kate. Cheers to an amazing season.

“Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, that is when the most growth can happen.” – Coach Kate

Photo Credit : King Lee