Broad Run’s Greatest: Coach Griffis


Aliza Ahmad, Author

Are you a fan of Broad Run football? Then you must be a fan of former head coach Matt Griffis. Coach Griffis is legendary, leading the team to an outstanding 2021 season, and is now known as one of Broad Run’s Greatest coaches. 

Coach Griffis had a nearly 30-year long coaching career, serving 12 of them here at Broad Run as the head coach for our Football team. Retiring from coaching was not an easy decision for the football coach. “I have been coaching for 28 years, so it was not an easy decision. I had to miss 3 of my oldest son’s games at Wake Forest this past fall, and I did not like not being there to be part of his experience. Now that Brett will be there also, I want to take the next few years to focus on being there to watch and support them while they play college football.”

Football seems to be the family business! Coach Griffis coached both of his sons, Mitch and Brett, during their high school football careers. “It was an incredible experience. It allowed us to not only spend 2.5 hours a day in the weight room or practice field but the countless hours of film study and game planning together. I am blessed to have been a part of their football experience,” he said.  

Now college football players, both Mitch and Brett seem to be as passionate about football as their dad. Where does Mr. Griffin’s passion for football come from? “I love how the game of football parallels life and teaches life lessons. It really is the ultimate team sport that requires over 50 players to be successful. You have 22 different positions and backups. All of the positions are unique and require different types of people: Big, fast, tall, skinny, etc. It’s hard, but the reward is like no other. Football requires discipline because you are accountable to a team,” he said. 

The football team really seems like one big happy family.  Coach Griffis said his greatest achievement coaching football for Broad Run is, “all the lifelong relationships I have had the privilege of building during my time here at Broad Run. From the ones that began this year all the way back to 2010. These are what matter most to me.”

Thank you, Coach Griffis, for an amazing 12 years for Broad Run football! Good Luck to our new head coach, Coach Curtis! “I am excited to see Coach Curtis take the program to new heights! He is a dear friend and an incredible coach, teacher, and mentor,” said Coach Griffis. 

“What hurts more? the pain of hard work or the pain of regret?” – Coach Griffis