Broad Run’s Greatest: Matt Meier


Aliza Ahmad, Author

It’s BRG time! This time around I cover Broad Run Alumni, Matt Meier. But what makes him one of Broad Run’s Greatest? Mr. Meier was a former Broad Run athlete competing in football and wrestling. He is currently coaching wrestling and will be coaching football for the 2022 season. 

Mr. Meier played football from 4th grade, through college, with 3 years on Broad Run’s Varsity team. He was captain both his junior and his senior year. Mr. Meier holds the school record for all-time tackles in a season and in a career. Some of his other football achievements include beating stone bridge for the first time in Battle of the Burn history back in 2013 and being named All-Region his Junior year and All-State his senior year. 

Broad Run football has been a big part of Mr. Meier’s life since he was young. “Both of my older brothers played football for Broad run. My middle brother was a part of broad run’s two state championship teams. My father was a head high school football coach for 20+ years. Growing up as a kid I knew I was going to play for Broad Run too and wanted to be as good as both of my brothers were,” he said. Mr. Meier described his experience playing for Broad Run as “the best.” he added that “Being apart of this community and playing for the coaches and with the group of guys I did was unmatched. I was able to play in a lot of meaningful games over the course of my career and I’m thankful for the values and lessons I learned along the way.” 

Broad Run football has taken the linebacker a long way, given he played college football for the  Frostburg Bobcats. The 2016 graduate described his time at Frostburg to be “the most challenging yet gratifying thing I’ve ever done.” Mr. Meier said that “Before attending Frostburg I had never won a championship in any sport ever. In my four years at Frostburg, I won two conference championships, played in five NCAA playoff games, and have 3 rings to show for it.”

While Mr. Meier was a great asset to Broad Run’s football team as a player, he was also an amazing wrestler. “We were able to finish 2nd in the Region and 2nd in the state as a team in 2015,” said Mr. Meier. 

This was Mr. Meier’s first year coaching wrestling at Broad Run. His proudest moment as a coach has to do with senior captain John Delaney. “[He] was eliminated in the Regional tournament this year and had his senior season cut short. Two days prior to the state tournament he had found out that he would get the opportunity to wrestle as someone in his weight class had to pull out due to injury. With only two days’ notice, John had to prepare himself mentally and physically to wrestle at the highest level after thinking that his wrestling career was finished. He was able to go 2-2 in the tournament and beat an in-conference rival whom he had not beaten at all during the season and finished among the top 8 wrestlers in his weight class in the state. John displayed true toughness and leadership among many other qualities that showed why he was voted to be a team captain for Broad Run.”

Mr. Meier’s best piece of advice he’s received from a coach was “You only get to be a player for a short amount of time – It goes fast! Don’t take it for granted and challenge yourself to be the best you can possibly be!” 

Not only is Mr. Meier an amazing football player, wrestler, and coach, but he’s also a great guy to talk to who always radiates positive energy. Good luck to Mr. Meier for the 2022 football season as well as the 2022 – 2023 wrestling season!

“In sports and in life, find something you’re passionate about and challenge yourself to be the very best at it!” – Matt Meier