Careful of No-Zones!

Careful of No-Zones!

October 11, 2019

Newsies Spotlights BR Talent

Lauren Yeo and Lyndsay Goodwin, Staff Writers

April 3, 2019

On April 4-6 at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2, the Broad Run theater will present Newsies, a Broadway musical.  The Director, theater teacher Brandon Karbaugh expressed just how excited he is for this production. “It’s very h...

Friends and Family Come Together During BR Field Day

Lyndsay Goodwin

November 29, 2018

Field day is held at Broad Run High School in the Spartan Gymnasium every year.  It is run by the Basketball Coach and P.E Teacher John Costello. He started field day about 12 years ago when he had a student with special needs ...

Stress Management Interview with Mental Health Specialists

Milo Pacheco, Staff Writer

May 15, 2018

Many students, 49% according to an August 2015 NYU study, say that they are stressed because of school. Many experts recommend ways to get your stress levels down, such as exercising and hanging out with friends and family. Sa...

Ms. Sargeant Speaks to the New LCPS Dress Code

Milo Pacheco and Shay Cox

April 27, 2018

Many Broad Run students believe that faculty and administration enforce the dress codes and reprimand/punish  students for things that aren’t against the official LCPS Dress Code Policy. We decided to speak with  Assistant Princ...

The Art of Writing

The Art of Writing

February 16, 2018

Student Life