Peer Students Raise Awareness on Relationship Violence

Momina Arshad, Staff Writer

March 2, 2017

February is the month of love and showing affection towards loved ones, be it a friend, family, or significant other. However, some Broad Run students felt that it is very important to address the difference between what's love...

MSA Takes Action to Show Care

Fatima Raza, Staff Writer

January 24, 2017

The Muslim Student Association, also known as MSA, is an afterschool club for Muslims and Non-Muslims to portray a positive image of those who practice Islam and build a connection by working together as a group. The Broad Run...

Principal Disuses Parking at Broad Run

Tayler Roux, Staff Writer

January 20, 2017

School parking is very important in our school. The seniors need this parking because the majority of them drive to school.  The teachers also need these parking spaces because they have to drive to their place of work. But the...

New Years Resolutions put Students and Faculty to the Test

Romina Correa, Staff Writer

January 20, 2017

No one would argue that it takes effort to accomplish New Year’s resolutions. Many people have distinct resolutions in their minds and are excited to be taking life changing opportunities. According to the University of Scranton,...

Stop Hunger Now Shows Humanity

Fatima Raza, Staff Writer

November 22, 2016

Stop Hunger now is an organization that helps stop hunger all around the world. It packs food for the less fortunate near the time of Thanksgiving. Since November is a month to be thankful and giving, Broad Run students and teachers...

Barack Obama Prepares for Life After Presidency

Max Soto, Staff Writer

November 21, 2016

Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States on November 9. Trump gained 290 electoral votes compared to Hillary Clintons 232 which put him past the 270 mark needed to declare him the winner. However, questions ...

Homecoming Recap

Momina Arshad, Staff writer

November 11, 2016

Students reflect the spirit of homecoming Here’s what we already knew about Homecoming: Homecoming is a tradition followed in the United States annually, to welcome the graduated students at their home-school or college...

Spartan’s Express Views on National Anthem Controversy

Sydnee Harrison, Staff Writer

October 28, 2016

A lot of attention has been drawn to the nation’s national anthem recently, and what is deemed disrespectful and or respectful in regards to it. The questions that were asked to the Broad Run student body were, “How do you...

PSAT Helps Students Prepare

Max Soto, Staff Writer

October 5, 2016

Last year when they took the PSAT, little did some of the students know that they would be honored for being in the top five percent of all juniors who took the test in the United States. This year Broad Run had an unprecedented...

New Renovations Impact Students and Faculty

Valerie Sorto and Romina Correa, Staff Writers

October 3, 2016

Many teachers and students are very pleased with Broad Run’s new wing excluding the fact of the fortune it cost to construct it. “I’m grateful for the new wing,” said Robyn Griffis, an AP Psych and AP Human Geo teac...

BR Maroon Crew Cheers On

Amaya Arrington, Staff Writer

October 3, 2016

What are football games without the Maroon Crew? Black and white. “I view them as extra motivation to beat the opposing team,” said Michael Arrington, a linebacker for the BRHS varsity team, when asked about the Maroon...