Lindsay Lindquist
Hello Broad Run! My name is Lindsay Lindquist, I am a junior this year, and I am also one of the writers for The Spartan this year. I’ve always had a deep infatuation with writing.  Whether it be a short story about a superhero, or an in depth essay about socialistic views and how they interrupt our world, I’ve never stopped loving it. Writing can be used to empower and educate other people. Writing is power in itself. The ability to create worlds, interpret ideas, make stories, educate others, create defensive arguments, and speak your mind. Apart from my love for writing, I've grown a love for many other things including; Taco Bell, political sciences,  history (specifically middle aged Europe, and post industrialization), and sociology. These topics, minus the Taco Bell, are some of my favorite to write about, and there will probably be lots of stories surrounding current issues, socialistic views, and life revolving the gen-x generation.The journalism team is very excited to transform The Spartan, to a student database, for everything student related, written by students.Here at Broad Run, it can be a little hard to get involved with something you like. The Spartan will provide one way access to everything about the school, from the students perspective.  Our mission is not only to inform the student body,but to provide the means for success. We will be writing interesting stories that not only inform the student body about broad run, and how to get involved, but also stories that relate to current issues plaguing our media. We intend on making The Spartan a safe place that is written by the students, for the students. 

Lindsay Lindquist, writer/editor

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Lindsay Lindquist (Story)
Lindsay Lindquist