Activities for the Summer


Dajaniea Dean and Fatima Kante conversing about their plans for the summer.

With only a month and a half left in the school year, students and faculty are beginning to make plans for the summer. What do the students of Broad Run High School plan to do over summer break?

“I plan on going to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my family,” said freshman Nigah Iqbal.  Iqbal seems not to be the only one going to the beach. freshman Dajaniea Dean will also be going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While going to the beach was popular among students, some are planning on travelling overseas for the break.

“I’m going to the United Kingdom for a wedding,” said sophomore Georgina Evans. Senior Raheem Hassan said she will be traveling to the country of Jordan to meet family. “I am going to Spain on a school sponsored trip,” said sophomore Jordan Casamiquela.  Just as the students have all these great plans, so do the teachers of Broad Run high school.

World History II teacher Thomas Meier has a lot of goals to accomplish as summer is approaching. Meier plans on traveling out to Philadelphia to watch a baseball game, go out to listen to some country music, and enjoy the outdoors with his family at the Outer Banks beach. Meier plans do not just end there; he is determined to coach the Broad Run High High School golf team to Regionals this year. This summer, Meier plans to be productive and has the same suggestion for everyone. He thinks all students should try to read at least three books and go out more. Meier Hopes students take his advice of going to visit the historical  Sleepy Hollow Farm in Leesburg.

Principal David Spage will be doing work at school for most of the break and intends to go on retreat at Smith Mountain Lake with his wife and family.                  

The athletes of Broad Run plan of joining summer teams to stay in shape until their next sport season approaches. Hassan also plans on lifting weights and training for her sport. Freshman Zack Beretski chooses to play baseball on a travel team during the summer.

Others plan on applying for summer jobs. Casey Kramer, a senior, will continue to work at Potomac Swim School during the break and Nigah Iqbal plans on getting a job at the Starplex movie theater.

As some faculty and students’ plans seem full of excitement, others plan on relaxing throughout the summer. A majority of the students would like to hang out with their friends and relax after a stressful school year.