Dealing with Stress While SOL and AP Testing

Sahar Koreshi, Staff Writer

While the month of May has just begun, so have our tests. It can take months and months of studying to get the perfect score we want on our SOLs and AP exams. It can take time and effort in reaching the desired score we need to pass our exams. However, with all of our preparation and our hard work comes stress.

Junior, Juliet Varblow had this to say about dealing with stress while studying, “So I don’t have a typical type of way for dealing with stress, but for me the best way for not to be stress is to make an organized plan and get as much of it done as I can. It’s just a matter of not being stressed that makes sure I know what to do so that I don’t freak out about the things that don’t matter.”

Varblow also shared how she got ready for AP testing. “In general, it was obviously really stressful, and it was a lot to manage which tests were actually important to me because I had to prioritize for the AP tests that I’m taking, which matter in the long run. I had to prioritize between my tests and the units within them, which was really stressful to do and study for and still pass all of my AP classes themselves.”

Freshman Hasita Gedada had an easy-going way to deal with stress. “I make a study guide, and I study weeks before the SOL not the night before.  Instead, I relax, listen to music, not anything too distracting. I would also have a hearty breakfast on the morning of the test. Sometimes I do feel stressed and feel that there’s a lot to study, and I don’t have enough time, but with my plan it should all work out.”

Gedada and Varblow showed that studying weeks before their tests and being organized dramatically helped reduce any unnecessary stress which made them feel better in the future.  Sometimes not pushing yourself and taking time to study and unwind with the right type of balance can have a positive effect in the long run.