Dear future Spartans,

Taya Lansdowne, Staff Writer

Class of 2022,

Some high school students recall the start of high school as the worst time in their lives; others call it the best. Undoubtedly, the start of high school is a time you will never forget. During freshman year, you will meet new people and be introduced to new things. Although the freedom that comes with becoming a high school student is said to be intoxicating, it is crucial that you spend this first year at Broad Run setting the bar for the next three. You may not realize it now, but every choice you make will affect you in the future.

Parents, we love them and they can be good sources of advice, but truthfully they don’t understand everything we go through. However, one group that does understand is seniors. Seniors have spent the past four years of their lives in these hallowed halls, and they know what you should do in order to succeed.

Many pieces of advice from seniors were repeated, such as time management is key and it is imperative to stay organized. However, “It is also important to have fun in high school; one test or quiz won’t make or break your year, so definitely have fun,” said senior Spencer Payne. Senior Stephanie Credno also advises to, “get involved with Broad Run in whatever way you see fit.”

“The way in which you meet friends is often through activities,” she says.

The arguably most important piece of advice it to, “work hard,”said senior Jessica Marks. “You will be exposed to people and things that could really mess up your future.” Marks says that, while it is so important to have fun and make memories, keep your eyes on the prize. You only go through high school once.

Good Luck,

Broad Run Seniors, and Spartan Staff Writer Taya Lansdowne