On To The Real World

Marjorie Amaya, Staff Writer

The class of 2018 Is on their last weeks of high school. A very exciting time in our lives as we prepare for prom, graduation parties, beach week and graduation. Many are finalizing their college placements and putting their down payments down for housing. Around this time, many are looking for a roommate that they’re compatible with. Finally, working and saving up money has been a priority for the majority of seniors; that way they have something to live off in the near future.

This preparation can be stressful and scary at times, as you are thrown into adult hood without a handbook. “I’m working on my savings so I can have something to keep me secure,” said senior Sofia Bartalone. “I’m excited. I think I’m ready. I love VCU and the city, so it will be a new chapter in my life,” said senior Emily Cardona. College is the time where people find themselves and find what they’re interested in. “I can’t wait to meet new people and just leave Ashburn,” said senior Amber Tigmo.

A college education is something completely different than the high school level. New priorities and habits are encouraged so one can succeed in their field of choice. “Yeah, it’s going to be hard at times; you just have to be focus on your goal it’s all up on you no one else,” said Bartalone.”

“I have a scholarship for RPI University,” said senior Grace Josephs. “I’m going to really need it, since I am an out-of-state student, so it will cut my tuition down a little.” “I’m going to possibly study environmental engineering,” said Josephs. Many seniors have some idea what they want to do as a profession, but many are going in undecided.

“I’m going to major in psychology,” said Cardona. “I’m going to be a computer tech engineer,” said senior Sakshi Garg. “I plan on going to VCU then transfer out to get my bachelor’s degree at Virginia Tech,” said Garg. “I got into VCU dental program; I love teeth, so being a dentist is going to be fun.” said Tigmo.

As the seniors venture off into the world, their plans in life may change in whatever direction it chooses; it’s the start of their long journey, and they want to make the most of it.