Air Strikes in Eastern Ghouta

Sahar Koreshi, Staff Writer

On Monday, February 19, an airstrike hit Eastern Ghouta, Syria. More than 400 people including children were killed. In an observatory, 29 people were killed, and in other areas, more than 393,000 people were trapped due to barrel bombs and shell fires.

It has said that Syrian and Russian planes were part of the air strike incident, but Russia is denying it. The Syrian government said that they were only doing this to “liberate” the Syrians from terrorists, but in fact it puts the civilians’ lives in more danger due to this.

“Only the fighter planes have been reduced, but the shelling and land-to-land rockets are continuing,” said Nour Adam, an activist, quoted in The Guardian. “None of the families or civilians have come out of the bomb shelters because nobody trusts the regime or the Russians.”

“What has happened here is that the local people have had enough,” said one member from an opposition group. “HTS are on the run, they will be confined to three parts of Idlib and nothing more. The people turned on them. This is historic.”

Kuwait and Sweden is putting out a “nationwide truce” that gives medical aid and is helping out 5.6 million people across the country who are also in serious need.

The UN Security Council is having a hard time resolving this issue; however the Security Council was considering delivering aid packages which is called a “30-day calm”that delivers aid and to support those who were affected by this tragedy.