The Art of Writing

Samantha Rosenfeld, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 2, Broad Run High School welcome a special guest speaker, Art Taylor. Taylor is a successful writer, winning multiple awards such as: the Agatha award, the Anthony award, the Macavity Awards and the Derringer Award. Broad Run welcomed him to an assembly were he read his short stories few lines from his works and talked to the students about writing. He was not the only one to read some of his work.  

Preceding this assembly, on January 5, a selected group BRHS students attended a seminar with Taylor. At this seminar, he spoke with students about getting into writing and how to edit their ideas. They spent hours working on writing; doing warm up like six second stories and creating many stories. Once these students came up with a story, they had only two weeks to revise it, and then they were able to share their work at the next assembly. Students were enthusiastic about sharing their experiences.

“Overall it was really fun; the author was really great, and he was really helpful with everything,” said junior Caoilin Cooper. Everyone who was a part of this experience really seemed to enjoy themselves.

After the assembly, Taylor had multiple pointers on the craft of writing.“Read widely, the more reading you do, the more you begin to understand storytelling,” he said. Another piece of advice he gave was to join a workshop. “It’s nice to have a group of writers to share Ideas.Writing can be such a lonely thing to do, and with writer it can help,” he said.

“I think that students get a chance to see that a writer is just a regular person, and if you have a passion for it you can pursue it,” said English teacher Beth Konkoski. Konkoski was one of the English teachers who helped put this assembly together. “There were a lot of small pieces into making this work, and we tried to make it so it will have the biggest impact,” she said.

Speaker Art Taylor poses with student writers on Feb 5.

            Department chair Barbara Musselmen, also had a role to play in this activity. “I hoping that the students that participated in the workshop will feel excitement of writing and sharing their writing with others,” she said.