Sahar, Staff Writer

During the holidays, most families and children love to watch good entertaining movies. This holiday classic is about an elf who doesn’t fit in with all the other elves at the North Pole.  He travels to New York to find his biological father. When Buddy the Elf finds his real father, his father thinks Buddy isn’t his real son at first. However, after spending time with him, he later realizes that Buddy the Elf is his son.

This movie is very humorous, which makes it fun to watch. Will Ferrell himself is very childish in the movie which makes it even more entertaining. Everyone likes Elf so much because Will Ferrell, a very popular comedian, plays the main character, Buddy. Teens can relate to Buddy’s actions because they also do things that Buddy does. What is so good about it is that this movie was meaningful. It shows that everyone is loved. This movie triggers all emotions. It is sad, funny, happy, and heartwarming. This movie’s story is important to remember because all children love their parents no matter what, and we should be grateful for them.