Gobble the Turkey,  Merry the  Christmas     

Lawrenda Avowlanou, Staff Writer


Gobble.Gobble.Gobble. Thanksgiving is here, and so is the turkey. Follow the smell, and you’ll end up in four different houses. You’ll see dinner in Aishwarya’s home. Yumm all the way. What a juicy turkey that would be. Gobble to the Yousuf’s Home and we see another big, yummy juicy turkey. Fun all around. Well, why don’t we jolly the way to the Ivory’s home? With Christmas decorations around the house the weekend before Thanksgiving, they prepare for the holidays.  After a big, yummy turkey, crafts and games are the ideal source of relaxation. Oh, but that’s not all. Watching the football game is a must. What’s Thanksgiving without a little family time? All the way in New York, the Costello family goes to watch the Macy’s Parade. A tradition that never dies.

Ho, Ho,Ho. T’was Christmas day and all through Broad Run many families were celebrating and preparing for Christmas.

All the way in the Ivory’s household, not a creature would be seen or heard ‘cause the Ivory family is out in town watching the beautiful decorations and lights in the neighborhood. Dressed in their pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa.T’was indeed the best Christmas tradition. And let’s not forget the Christmas Eve and day turkey made with love. MHmm..mm yummy.

Knock, knock, at the Yousuf’s home but there’s nobody’s home. Ah ha! All the way in Arizona, they went to see their family and open presents. With a merry meal and a fun chat, the Yosuf family celebrates Christmas.

Christmas isn’t always at home,  but where family is. Aishwarya is not waiting for Santa’s sleigh, but making the move herself. All the way to celebrate with the cousins.  What a joy to be reunited at the beach!  That’s where Aishawarya goes.

While many are cozy in their homes having dinners and celebrating with family, all the way in the Costello household, all that can be heard is the family getting ready to put smiles unto people’s faces. Out and about, Mr. Costello and his family are celebrating the holiday by sharing and helping the less fortunate. It is indeed the season to be giving. Who needs Santa and his elves when you have the Costello family?

Let’s not forget me, the author. In my home, Christmas music can be heard blasting. It isn’t it too early to play music. Not to my dad, or to me.  November to December is the season for Christmas music, and it’s a jolly music anytime, anywhere.


What’s your family’s tradition?