A Misconception Between a Day of Celebration and a Day of Remembrance.

Sahar Koreshi, Staff Writer

People celebrate Dias de los Muertes by putting up pictures and skulls for the dead. SONY DSC

Halloween and Day of the Dead are often viewed as similar, since they are so close in date. People think that dressing up in costumes and having a good time is part of celebrating. But Day of the Dead is just more than having fun on this day of remembrance. Since Day of the Dead is all about celebrating the deaths of close ones, people try to make it as colorful and festive as possible. The people who celebrate Day of the Dead make the favorite foods of their loved ones. They decorate sugar skulls, put pictures of them and cut papers into intricate designs. Which are all placed on an ofrenda.

A ninth grader, Naomi Dimberu, had this to say about Day of the Dead. “On Day of the Dead, we honor people by giving them a moment of silence. We wear costumes and paint on skulls. I feel happy on this day because we honor people that have died, but we have so much fun because we have a huge party and we get to eat foods of our loved ones. Halloween is different from Day of the Dead because in Halloween you dress up in costumes begging for candy, where in Day of the Dead you honor people who have died.”

“I like the idea about Halloween, that I will continue to go trick or treating next year. It has a good impact on my life because I get to have candy. It does not conflict with other religious beliefs. I just do it for fun,” said freshman Nafi Thiam

Distinctly, there is a difference between the two holidays. They are different because Day of the Dead is about festivities, having fun and they try to make the ofrendas as colorful as it can be. Halloween is where children have fun by dress up in costumes and go to houses to ask for candy. By finding out different views of people who celebrate either Halloween or Day of the Dead, Day of the Dead has more importance where Halloween is just for getting candy these past years.