Homecoming Recap

Momina Arshad, Staff writer

Students reflect the spirit of homecoming

unnamedHere’s what we already knew about Homecoming:

Homecoming is a tradition followed in the United States annually, to welcome the graduated students at their home-school or college.

The tradition starts with the spirit week centered around other fun activities such as pep-rally and football game, ending at homecoming dance.

Spirit week: Throughout the week, students wear themed attire on different days such as Pajama Day, Jersey Day, Career Day following theme days where freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors dress up according to their assigned themes. The week ends on Friday, which is usually the color day where all students wear different colors to represent their grade.

Fun activities: On Friday, students get dismissed from their classes during the last block to attend a pep-rally to reflect the spirit of homecoming. Cheerleaders perform at the time to hype students for the homecoming game, which is held at the evening. Important announcements are usually made on Friday at the pep rally or the homecoming game, where the homecoming king and queens are announced.

Homecoming dance: Homecoming weeks gets wrapped up on Saturday night with the dance. Students come to the event with their partners or a group of friends and go to dinner usually before or after getting their pictures taken and attending the function.

This tradition has been passed down from many years. It gives students a chance to reflect their school pride as well as welcomes the graduated students to come back and recall the memories of one of the most important four years of their lives at high school.


Now, here are the views of freshmen and students who went homecoming for the first time.

“It was a wonderful experience. I felt like I was the center of attention for a while after my friends first saw me all dressed up for the dance. I would always remember the cheerful memories of the night,” said freshman Areeba Koreshi

“This is my last year at high school and I never went to homecoming or prom in past three years. I moved to Broad Run this year and made some amazing friends. It was my first time attending homecoming, dressing up, hanging out with friends till midnight, and I must say, I’m glad I went. I shared a wonderful experience with my friends and my partner. Everything about the event was magical, and I’m really looking forward to making great memories at prom,” said one Broad Run senior.