New Renovations Impact Students and Faculty

Valerie Sorto and Romina Correa, Staff Writers


Many teachers and students are very pleased with Broad Run’s new wing excluding the fact of the fortune it cost to construct it.

“I’m grateful for the new wing,” said Robyn Griffis, an AP Psych and AP Human Geo teacher, when asked about the changes to Broad Run. She also mentioned there was less teacher travel and much more space. Teachers and students traveling to the trailers last year was very time consuming for them, but now with the new wing, we are able to stay under the same roof at all times.

“We are able to put personality in classroom,” said Griffis. Many teachers that used to teach in the trailers now have the opportunity to decorate their rooms the way they want to and are appreciating all the space they are receiving. Aside from all the pros, there are some cons such as technical difficulties such as computer connectivity and Prometheans.

Aside from all the complaints, the new renovations are appreciated very much by students like Jesse Quay, a junior, who said, “I actually really like it.” Furthermore, a freshman named Ava Scdgahian said, “It’s very clean, and I like the lighting a lot.”

Principal Dave Spage mentioned the whole cost of the renovation was a staggering $28 million dollars. According to Spage, most of the money came from a variety of places such as the Board of Supervisors, state funds, and the Capital Improvement Fund. With all that money, some students still did not appreciate the renovations by putting graffiti on the walls.

The removal of the classrooms in the trailers from outside to inside of Broad Run has really impacted teachers and students by helping them get to their classes effortlessly and allowing teachers to decorate their rooms as they desire.