Harry’s House


Grace Bazar, Author

I am overcome with a bunch of emotions. Harry Styles has announced the arrival of his third studio album “Harry’s House”, coming May 20th. I am in shambles. And even today the announcement of a single called “As It Was”, coming out April 1st. That would be a very cruel April Fools Day joke Harold. So let’s hope it all comes together.

All that we know so far about said album is really, well, interesting. There’s an entire instagram, discord, and website just for this album promo. It’s called “You Are Home”. Everyday at 12pm there’s a door with a new picture behind. It’s all very exciting. One of the doors was removed because they didn’t get the rights to the photo. But that is besides the point.

A little update today, a clip from the ‘As It Was’ music video was released today. Only 10 seconds and a little melody at the end. I’m so very excited. Although Harry looks like he’s spinning in a microwave, it looks great anyway, and on top of that the music clip sounds phenomenal. Although I wasn’t expecting anything less from him.

There are so many easter eggs from even during his tour. He yelled “Take me Home!” To the crowds, he knew this entire time. He’s been hinting at this album for some time now. We just didn’t know it. He’s been following in Miss Taylor Swift’s footsteps lately; we’re not complaining though. They put up posters in different parts of the world, put out coordinates, little tiny details, and they all matter. But he’s not new at the easter egg stuff; it all goes back to when he was promoting Fine Line. Eroda spelled backwards, is Adore, the island, the fish. This time around it’s just a little more complicated.

Needless to say, though, we are clowning ourselves to infinity… not a One Direction pun.. Maybe… Fans are speculating that another former member of the band will be a feature of some sort, and/or that Adele has some writing credits for the songs. Just tear our heart out already. That is enough information for the day.

There’s so many theories going around (per usual) it’s hard to keep our heads straight. There’s the album promos. Pleasing, and his movies are said to come out this fall. It’s been a great year for us and Harry Styles. I can’t wait to see where all of this goes. But for now, tomorrow, as of 7pm, I will not be available for the rest of the day. For Harry will be releasing ‘As It Was’ and I will be utterly destroyed. Enjoy!