The Batman 2022

The Batman 2022

Grace Bazar

*minor spoilers*

The Batman. 2022. This movie has sent me into a spiral. It is becoming my whole personality for the next month. Matt Reeves and Michael Giacchino, you are geniuses.

This movie brought the darkness of Gotham to the light. The lighting, the visuals, cinematography, music, all of it. The constant rain and the shadows too. It’s like this grim dirty vibe, but it’s perfect for the context. The movie focused on black, gray, and red. It was just so perfect. One of the beginning scenes was Batman riding a motorcycle to the Bat-Cave while “Something in the Way” by Nirvana was playing. It sets the tone for the rest of the movie, and at the end, the song plays again. And is now the soundtrack for my life.

Robert Pattinson as Batman was a phenomenal choice. Unlike Christian Bale’s Batman/Bruce Wayne, Robert portrayed a more introverted emo character. He didn’t speak much, and he wasn’t flailing his money everywhere. I enjoyed his portrayal because he didn’t have to do much. It was just all there. The rest of the cast was just as perfect. Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle was a FINE choice. She’s stunning, and in every scene, you’re just flabbergasted. Paul Dano was the perfect enigmatic, Batman-obsessed villain. It was a good change from the neon green leotard. Andy Serkis, although I love him, was not my favorite Alfred. I’ll leave that to Michael Caine. Jeffrey Wright was perfect for Gordon. It just felt right. And for Colin Farrell, let’s just say, I was glad I didn’t have to watch Danny Devito bite some guys’ ears off again.

Needless to say, the cast was perfect. Besides Andy Serkis, sorry, not sorry. For some minor spoilers, ish, towards the end of the movie we see Riddler in a cell next to some inmates. He and this inmate begin conversing, and we see that it is Joker. Portrayed by Barry Keoghan, I think this new Joker could be a fun spin? Personally, Heath Ledger will forever be my favorite, but I think it’s good to see something new and much better than Jared Leto. No further comments. But that needed to happen.
Now Michael Giacchino is a superstar, as we know. He’s done soundtracks from Marvel to Zootopia. What a range. The music for this movie was fantastic, like the visuals, have this dark grim tone. It’s great. It all came together so perfectly.

Furthermore, Batman fan or not, I suggest this movie. You’ll be leaving the theater feeling like you’re a pro at solving riddles. Analyzing your way through life. In conclusion, go watch Edward Cullen tear up some riddles. It’s great.

Enjoy the movie!