Are There More Wheels or Doors in the World?


Aliza Ahmad, Author

Twitter is divided over a question that you’ve probably never thought about in your life. Are there more wheels or doors in the world?


The viral tweet posted by @NewYorkNixon quickly amassed 223,347 votes in just 24 hours.

This particular debate has only one right answer, however, finding that answer is nearly impossible. Nobody has ever counted every single wheel and/or door in the world, it also depends on what you consider a door and/or wheel. Are we counting the tiny wheels in drawers? Do cabinets count as doors? 

Twitter user @C_A_Duvall tweeted “This question seemed so simple at first and now it’s driving me absolutely insane”

As the debate dominates Twitter, the answer “wheels” is winning. 


While wheels may be winning, there are some folks who believe in doors.