District Champs! Varsity Girls Basketball Wins Dulles District Tournament Title with 56-50 Win Over Loudoun Valley


Maria Kaffes, Sports Editor

Broad Run Girls Basketball won the Dullest District Tournament Title against Loudoun Valley on February 18. Led by senior Point Guard Yvonne Lee, the team put up 56 points against Valley. Along with the team’s collective success, there was individual success, as well. Lee was named Player of the Year and 1st Team All District. Junior Sajol Thornhill was also named 1st team All District, and senior Sydney Sokol was named 2nd Team All District.

The All District trio was asked a few questions about how winning this title felt, about their All District honors, and their teammates. 

Thornhill stated, “It’s an unbelievable feeling, but knowing we have a chance to make it even further motivates us to keep going.” Sokol described the event as feeling “unreal.” She also added that her and teammate Yvonne Lee have been dreaming about that moment since their freshman year. It was “satisfying” to see that hard work pay off.

To Lee, being a district champ is more than just winning a title. To her, it’s fighting through “four years of turbulence and sacrifice” to bring the girls basketball program to where it currently stands. “Being a district champ is more than the name. It represents what it truly means to trust the process, even when the rest of NOVA doubts you could even make any noise in the playoffs.” This was the hardest goal Lee has fought to reach. “All the accolades over the past four years could never amount to this one, as it has been my main focus day in and day out.” Lee had a goal at Broad Run; to completely flip the program from 3-18 to winning a district title. “It was a bet on myself.”

To say she has been successful is an understatement. To clutch the district title, the Broad Run Spartans beat the back-to-back state semi finalists and back-to-back four time district champions– the Loudoun Valley Vikings. This monumental victory was more than just a district title– it was a statement win. This team can do anything they set their minds to, and they are hungry for more.

Thornhill’s favorite part about this team is “[…] how genuinely close we are with each other. Some teams act like they like each other, but I consider these girls my sisters. Everyone matters, from our seniors to our freshmen.” Sokol’s answer was similar, stating, “[…] how close we all are to each other. We support each other in our successes and pick each other up when we aren’t at our best.” Lee could sum up her favorite thing in two words: “our hearts.” She adds that “everyone is so cheerful and goofy. From one end of the bench to the other, everyone is supportive of each other and is truly genuine. I’ve never met a team like this before. I wish I could explain how I feel about this special group of girls, but maybe our laughs can do the talking. I will miss them dearly next year. I really will.” 

Sokol called being on the 2nd District Team “an honor. I’m very glad that the coaches throughout the county saw something in me and believed that I deserved it.” Thornhill said, “It’s a great feeling. When the coaches finally acknowledge you, it’s humbling and it validates all the hard work.” Lee has had this honor since freshman year, therefore it has “never quite rung in [her] head.” Since her freshman year, her sights have been set on the district title.

Chemistry with this team is very evident on the court. They appear as though they can read each other’s minds as they generate turnovers, or counter a tough defense. Sokol believes that “team chemistry is super important for the success of the team. Our squad is tight, and I feel that you can see that on the court. It is important to not just play with the girls, but to be friends because that’s what makes playing more enjoyable, too!” Thornhill stated that “chemistry is what makes the game fun. When you enjoy the people around you and work hard together, you earn each other’s trust, and you have each other’s backs.” Lee explains the difference chemistry makes by comparing this year’s team to years past. “Team chemistry allows for one another to have trust in critical situations of a game. In the past years at Broad Run, the chemistry always felt distant with drama and the distinction between upper and lower-classmen.” Lee stresses the importance of seeing the team as one and leadership. “This year, we brought in a majority of girls who’s innocence, joy, and energy have brought everyone together. Thanks to the leadership of Sydney Sokol, we have been able to set the standard for what it means to have each other’s backs this season. This team’s chemistry is like no other.”

The Broad Run Varsity Girls Basketball Team has shattered expectations for the 2021-2022 season with a 20-2 record (13-1 in the Dulles District). Broad Run won their District’s Regular Season and Tournament titles. Catch the Varsity Girls in action at Broad Run on Tuesday the 22nd.