Different way people celebrate christmas

Georgia Hafoba

On Christmas Eve or Christmas day people do some special stuff. Especially those who are not from the US. They have amazing cultural stuff they do on Christmas or Christmas Eve.  There are also some people who don’t celebrate Christmas because of their religion.


People celebrate Christmas in different ways and some people don’t celebrate Christmas at all, depending on their religion. Karima Traish said, “ I’m palestinian and I’m musulin. My familly actually doesn’t celebrate Christmas  because we’re Palestinian Muslims.” Mathias Olivares Marharani said, “ I’m from Peru and we celebrate Christmas. Aly Khan said, ” I was born here but my parents are from Pakistan and my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.”


Some people have some special stuff they do on Christmas Eve or on Christmas. Some people eat 12 grapes for good luck or create a song and sing it. Mathias Olivares Marharani said, “ we have a tradition where we eat a  whole bowl of grapes that give you good luck for next year.  We also sing Christmas songs together.” Karima Trraish said,  “We celebrate my mom’s birthday because she was actually born on Christmas day.”


Most people’s favorite thing to do on Christmas is to open gifts. Some people prefer to receive gifts rather than give.Those people who don’t celebrate Christmas love to spend time with their family. Aly Khan said, “ even though I don’t celebrate Christmas,  I love buying other people gifts  and I love receiving gifts.” Mathias Olivares Marharani said his favorite part about Christmas is “receiving gifts.” Karima Traish said, “ If my mom ever gets us gifts, I love to open them on Christmas. Being with my family.”