Are Students Addicted to Their Phones?

Georgia Hafoba

In today’s world, teens are on their phones 24/7. Phones are a crucial part of our lives, but it’s starting to serve as a distraction at school and sometimes even at home. Teens care way too much about what is happening on social media. For some, that obsession can ruin their lives.

Some teachers think that students are addicted to their phones. “They have difficulty putting it away, and I don’t even think they realize how often they take it out,” said Mrs. Rinder. “Addicted might be a strong word, but I think that they’ve gotten into a habit of always being on or connected,” added Mrs. Wood. The phone problem was different last year, as school was online, “they sat on them all last year, and nobody told them to put them away at home,” said Mrs. Ferguson.

Students using their phones during class leads to a lack of focus. If a student doesn’t pay attention in class, they will not be able to keep up with what the rest of the class is learning. “They are paying more attention to what’s happening on TikTok, and every time it rings. They look at that instead of listening to the teacher,” said Mrs. Ferguson. Mrs. Rinder agreed, adding that “[it] causes distraction. Especially if they feel like something is going on on social media or friends are texting, or even parents are texting and calling. It causes [them] not to focus on what we’re doing.”

Teachers are tired of asking students to put their phones away. Mrs. Ferguson described it as “way too many [times], like 35.” Mrs. Hafer said, “More than half of the class has to be reminded. They are usually respectful and put it away once I ask, but they have a hard time not reaching for it again.”

As much as we love our phones, it’s time we start learning how to live in the moment!