Choose your courses carefully!


Nathan Lee, Editor

Around every February-March of the school year, many students have to go and choose course selections for next year. This may be overwhelming for many students and there are many mistakes that students make during this process. There are two common mistakes that happen. For many students, they choose to take the classes that their friends are taking. For other students, they choose to take hard classes and overload their schedule. There are many reasons why both of these factors are bad when choosing your classes for next year. If you decide to take the same classes as your friends, it may not really appeal to your interests which can show to colleges. Also, you may struggle in the class because your initial motivation for taking the class was not because you wanted to, but because your friend wanted to. Also, if this is the main reason that you are taking this class, it may actually be a distraction. The reason is because it may affect how much you are able to focus. Please do not do this. Another thing that many students do is to try to overload their schedule with the most advanced classes like AP. Although this may be a good idea if you can handle the workload, the reality is that it is not easy for most students except the top 1 percent of students who are able to balance the workload. I know of many students who choose to take 5-7 AP’s a year and really struggle to keep their grades up because when they try to focus on one class, there is always another class that has even more work that needs to be done. Whenever you finish something, there is always another assignment or a test coming up. Because of this, many students actually end up dropping out and going to the lower academic class. Dropping a class is a very tedious process as you have to get the permission of your parents, teacher, and counselor. Also, if you drop out after the first quarter, it actually goes on your transcript so colleges can see that you dropped out. You do not want colleges to see this. So, I encourage you to please be smart about picking classes for next year. Even though many people say that you need to take the most advanced classes and completely overload your schedule to get into top schools, the reality is that is not true at all. Colleges want to see classes that you are actually interested in and also want you to have a balance between school and the things you do outside of school. They don’t want a student on their campus who just studies all day long and does nothing else. So, my point is, please do not overload yourself with a schedule that you can’t handle. Go out and enjoy the beauty of nature, play that video game that you always wanted to, research that one thing that keeps you up at night, and do anything that makes you happy.