Spartan Socials: Bad Parking and Bad Posture


Aliza Ahmad, Author


Over the past few weeks, Instagram accounts have been emerging exposing students caught “slacking”. The topics range from poor parking to sleeping in class. The two most prominent accounts are @brhs_badposture and @broadrunparking. All the different accounts depend on other students dming picture submissions. 


@broadrunparking the account dedicated to displaying broad run’s worst parkers has 380 followers at the time of writing this article. The first post is from November 9th. The caption reads “Welcome to Broad Run Parking! On this account, we will be posting some of the worst parking jobs we can find at this school… watch out”. It is unclear who is behind this account, but students seem to be loving it. 


For those students who can’t drive yet, you’re still not safe from these accounts. 


@brhs_badposture is devoted to “catching spartan slouchers”.  Little about the account owner is known other than they are a Freshman. The account was mysteriously taken down for a day. “ Once [the account] was getting bigger, I was the one who took it down for a bit for a few reasons. First, was I didn’t want anyone getting offended or upset. It was all purely a joke, [and] I didn’t want people thinking I was being mean or targeting someone. I love all my slumps” said the account owner. The second reason had to do with Broad Run staff. “I also didn’t want to get in any trouble from [Broad Run] staff which is why I have ‘not affiliated with Broad Run Highschool’ in my bio. I don’t post staff members [because] I think that’s too far. I’ve had some people request that but I’m not doing that.” 


The accounts have dominated social media but let’s see how long the trend will last.