Go For The Goal!

Nicole Gulosh

Meet Brigitte Racey, field hockey goalie superstar. The senior has been on Broad Run’s varsity field hockey team for 4 years and has over 200 saves in this season alone. She was named Player of the Year, was nominated to the 2021 4D All-Region First Team, and was nominated to the 2021 Dulles District First Team. This is Racey’s fourth year playing field hockey and is now committed to play field hockey at The College of New Jersey. 


As a goalie, Racey has an important part in whether the game results in a win or a loss. The final save a goalie makes could be the deciding point of a game. The goalie wears extensive equipment to protect themselves if the puck rockets towards them. When on the field, Racey wears a helmet, knee pads, and lots of padding.  


Field hockey has opened up multiple opportunities for Racey. She was named to three teams, the 4D All-Region First Team, the Dulles District First Team, and the 4A All-State Second Team. Racey was named to the District Team by all of the coaches in the district that Broad Run is part of. The coaches recommend players and then vote on all the players nominated. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players, and only two goalies are able to be selected. She was also named Player of the Year. The player of the year was selected from the set District Team. After the Regional Tournament, the coaches from the top two District Teams vote for the players to be on the Region Teams. Only players from the District Teams are eligible to be on the Regional Teams. Racey is the second person from the Broad Run field hockey team to be nominated to a state team. “It was great that she was recognized by the other coaches/teams and just shows that she was a real stand-out among all the great players in our County this season!” said Meg Dudek, the field hockey coach. 


The field hockey team has fostered strong relationships between the teammates. “[Racey] is such an encouraging teammate who always tries her best at no matter what she’s accomplishing,” sophomore Chelsea Sucherman said. “[Racey] is an amazing person on and off the field. She is always spreading positivity and nothing less,” said sophomore Emma Markowitz. “I’m super proud of Brigitte for making the All Teams! She is an amazing goalie and teammate and is always inspiring and encouraging,” said junior Mackenzie Miller. “I’m so so proud of Brigitte and she absolutely deserves the title. She is such an encouraging teammate who always tries her best at no matter what she’s accomplishing,” said sophomore Chelsea Sucherman. Senior Dory Raterman said, “[Racey’s] a humble and fun teammate and was one of the main reasons we were able to stay in our games this past season. Overall, couldn’t be prouder to call her my teammate and goalie!”


This may have been Racey’s last field hockey season at Broad Run, but she has an exciting future ahead of her!