Senior Point Guard Yvonne Lee Scores 1,000th Point in 61-24 Win Over Heritage

Maria Kaffes, Sports Editor

Senior Point Guard Yvonne Lee scored her 1,000th point against Heritage on Monday, December 13th. When asked about how it feels to accomplish this feat, Lee said, “At that moment, I felt surprised and overwhelmed from the reaction of my teammates and the crowd, and then I just had a wave of remembrance of all the late nights and early mornings I spent on the game.” Lee also contributes some of the lessons she has learned throughout the last four years to her teammates. Not only have they been supportive, Lee adds, “they’ve been selfless.” 


Has this milestone always been on Lee’s mind? Not quite. She has kept that milestone in the back of her mind since she met Azzi Fudd, a Shooting Guard at UCONN, but to keep herself grounded, she set her sights on winning a Broad Run District Championship. Lee only pulled that thought to the forefront of her mind when her coach brought up that she was close to reaching the milestone. Since Lee has achieved this milestone, she has been “showered with love and support the past few days and it is something [she is] truly grateful for.”


What’s next for the senior Point Guard? She committed to Queen’s University of Charlotte, and she is “focusing on pushing beyond [the milestone] and getting better since [she] feels that [she] still has a lot to prove.”