Issues at Broad Run

Georgia Hafoba , Author

Broad Run is one of the best schools in the state of Virginia. The people here are really nice, and the teachers are amazing! While Broad Run has plenty of great qualities, there are a few issues.

One of the main issues at Broad Run is the wifi. Many students and teachers complain about the wifi because it is unreliable and often goes down during the school day. “The wifi is terrible. Broad Run’s internet is very inconsistent. Sometimes the whole system shuts off, and nobody can work. On our phones, we get no service throughout the school. The school can look to improve or upgrade our wifi system and spend some extra money on it,” said junior Chris Lock.

Some students complain about how teachers are mean. Junior Abeezar Kopti described it as “The lack of attention to bullying from teachers. This can be fixed simply by some teachers being more open and caring, making students feel more comfortable, [sharing] their poor experiences with them.” When teachers are too overbearing or straight-up rude, it means students will lack the motivation to do well in the class or even attend the class.

Another issue at Broad Run is the food. Junior Cade Calvert described school lunches as “ [tasting] bad.” If school lunches are a no, then maybe you want to try buying a snack from the vending machine. Oh, wait you can’t, because the vending machines are turned off. “Vending machines aren’t open all the time, which is an issue as they might be the only chance some students get to get some food because they are busy,” said Kopti.

Another popular complaint is about inconsistent temperature. “The temperature in school is an issue… In some rooms, it’s very hot and in others, it’s very cold,” said Lock. Another point is the bathrooms. “The boys’ bathrooms get locked very often, and [it’s] pretty annoying,” said Calvert. Kopti brought up the workload. “[There is] too much work in AP classes. Teachers should lower their workload or plan their classes [so that] they can [give] lectures and give class time to work on assignments,” he said.

Now that we have gone over some complaints, it’s time to go over some of the praise. Kopti mentioned Math Lab, “[a] great [resource] when we’re struggling in math.” Lock said that he loves the staff. “Something good about Broad Run is the staff here. All teachers are nice and respectful to their students.”

While Broad Run may have some issues, what school does not? What we do know is that we love being a Spartan!!