The Spirit of Homecoming Week


Misha Salman, visual editor

It’s that time of year again. A little bit of excitement, but a little of nerves still lingering from being back. During this time, all are welcome to show off their school spirit. The new, the old, the students, and the teachers! This year homecoming was decided to be earlier. Which made for an outcome of anticipation throughout the school!

After a gap of 1 school year, spirit week may feel quite new or nostalgic for some of our older students. Despite the pandemic, there was quite a lot of spirit and excitement. Our SCA worked hard on this year’s spirit week preparations. Junior SCA member Julia Widding said “I thought (homecoming) was really successful after being 2 years off. I thought it was really fun! We had lots of participants this year, and we were really proud of the outcome and turn out”. Not only the students, but much of the staff have been anticipating this event to come. The staff worked hard to make this possible and memorable for the students and themselves. Class sponsor for the class of 2024 Mr. Zyck said, “I always love the homecoming spirit week. It’s fun to see everyone participate and show off their school spirit. This year it was fun to have homecoming early. I think it helped everyone come together and bond as a Spartan Family”. Form decking the hallways with the new murals, to the pep rally for the football game. All the Spartans came together to make this a fun opportunity for

This year’s main theme was board games! Many were pleased with this theme, and went on to contribute with it, whereas some were expecting something different. Despite the mixed feeling towards the main theme, ultimately the spirit was shown through and through. Figures from Candyland, Monopoly hats, members form the Game of Life, and many Clues flooded the halls. Even the other spirit days had tons of participation! Tuesday was Disney day, which was actually something the teachers wanted to do. Students were dressed with a range of full character costumes, cute mickey mouse accessories and outfits based on Disney elements. Tuesday was one of the most festive and heavily spirited days of the week. Cowboys and Cowgirls gathered together as their cowboy boots led the way. You guessed it! The theme for Wednesday was Country vs. Country day. Many participated by going all out wild west, or just showing up in their best flannels. 

Next up comes the highly anticipated Theme day. With freshman having the “Game of Life, Sophomores having “Monopoly”, Juniors with “Clue”, and the Seniors taking it away with “Candy Land, many students worked outside of school hours to make this memorable theme day possible. Several participated in painting the murals, and decorating the halls for an epic morning of celebrating school spirit. Several students showed up in their best costumes for their given board games. The auditorium contained all the students who were decked up enough and waiting to be judged. These spirit week competitions were very filled with a variety of competitors, each showing up with their own take on the themes. This year was quite and experience for those who showed off their spirit and brought their A game for the judging. After being away from school activities such as spirit week, tons of students enjoyed expressing their pride and excitement for homecoming week. No matter the victory or loss, all the participants had fun and made memories through this spirit week. Sophomore Mary Ratterman said “I’m glad we won this year as we didn’t get a chance to do it last year. It was super fun while we were being judged as my friends were “fighting” over me for money as they were Monopoly men and I was a dollar bill”.

Overall, this year’s Homecoming spirit week was one to remember for all of us. It stands out from all the past homecoming weeks, since this year we approached it from a different perspective. This spirit week was a good way for all of us to bond as Spartans, and for the BRHS spirit to be showcased to all the newcomers.