HSLOT: Harry Styles, Love on Tour


Grace Bazar, Staff Writer

The long awaited tour announced on July 14th of this year has been going on for a month now. With 21 shows out of 39  already done; he still leaves the fans wanting more and more of those fabulous outfits. Everynight a new style  leaves us speechless. Thousands of people at every concert sing their hearts out. Along with Jenny Lewis, Madison Cunningham, and Orville peck all as supporting acts. Also, we can’t not forget to mention his backing band: Elin Sandberg, Niji Adeleye, Pauli Lovejoy, Mitch Rowland, Sarah Jones, Ny Oh, Adam Prendergast, and Charlotte Clark.


This is the second concert tour  of harry style’s solo career after One Direction. It began September 4th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is one of the first full capacity indoor arena concerts in the US since Covid-19. International dates rescheduling for 2022 haven’t been announced just yet. 


This tour consists of Harry’s 2 albums: Harry styles (2017) and Fine Line (2019). The set list was not disappointing to say the least.  He played fan favorites such as “Adore you”, “Lights Up”, and  even “Woman”.  Fans weren’t expecting him to sing a One Direction song, let alone play one before he got on stage. I definitely was not expecting it as well. “Harry had a type of vibe that couldn’t be matched or compared to everyone I’ve seen in concert,”  Sophomore Siena St. James said. 


Harry being the icon he is, is all over the media. You see every night’s concert on any form of social media that you can think of. From his note changes, outfits, singing happy birthday to fans, dancing and more. He never disappoints. We love you Harry styles.