Letter to the Class of 2022


Nathan Lee, Lead Editor

Dear Class of 2022,


I honestly cannot believe that it is finally our senior year, time has honestly just flown so fast and it is so surreal and unbelievable that we are at this point in our high school journey. I can clearly remember the day when we were all freshmen just walking through the doors of Broad Run and not knowing anything like where the bathrooms were. Coming back for the first day of school of senior year was that kind of feeling as many of us were just stuck in our rooms all day staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day the year before. It just felt so weird to be back in a school building. In March of 2020, we were all unexpectedly sent home and none of us expected to be out for school for literally 18 months. The class of 2022 missed about half of their sophomore year and their whole junior year. It is such a blessing that we are finally back in person after so long and how amazing it is for us to be back during our final year of our high school. When the 400 or so of us all graduate together, we will all forever be remembered as the class of resilience and grit in my opinion and to the whole Broad Run Community. This is our chance for us seniors to leave a lasting impression and set the foundation for future classes who will be graduating at Broad Run High School and I know we can do it. Class of 2022, I honestly cannot wait till the day where we all unite finally come together as a class for one last time at graduation. It will definitely be a sad day but also exciting as we will all go out into the world doing different things whether we go directly to a 4 year institution or community, go to the military, or just go out into the workforce right away. Let us make the most out of these last 7 months of our high school journey. We’ve come this far so let’s finish strong. We got this!