Should There Be An 80% Retake Policy


Shivani Row, Staff Member

As students ease into the new 2021-2022 school year in-person, the new LCPS grading policy has created controversial opinions.

LCPS Policy 5030 was passed in 2019, and states that students who receive below an 80% on a major summative assessment are eligible to retake it, with the caveat that the highest grade they can receive on the retake is 80%. While people are happy that they have the opportunity to retake a major summative assignment they didn’t do well on, the policy itself is controversial among Broad Run students.

Many students believe that 80% shouldn’t be the maximum grade you can earn on a retake. “I feel like they should go higher for the retake policy, because 80% is too low. Someone might be having a bad day and so they didn’t perform their best, and they should be able to retake it and get a high score, not just cap it at 80%,” said sophomore Kirat Basati. 

Some students even decided not to do retakes on multiple occasions because of the strict policy. Sophomore Tia Bindra said, “In Spanish last year, I didn’t get a good grade for a test. Though I really wished I’d gotten a higher score, I ended up not retaking it because I didn’t think it was worth it, since I would only get a few points higher on the retake. I didn’t think it was really worth the time and effort to go through that whole process again. I feel like this definitely hinders students’ potential for a score they could earn.” 

Similarly, junior Arzoo Qureishy said, “I’ve gotten a 79% on a test before, but I decided not to retake it because, what’s the point of putting in all the work just to raise it one percent?” 

While the maximum grade part of the retake policy is controversial, many agree that the cutoff to be eligible to retake should be 80%. “I actually do think the cutoff should be 80% or below to be eligible to qualify for the retake, because I feel like the retakes should be for people who really need it and want their grades to improve a lot, rather than for someone who has a 90% and wants it to go up to 100%. I definitely agree with that part of the policy,” said sophomore Peyton Bagby.

Though many students disagree with certain aspects of Policy 5030, they’re still happy that they have the ability to retake a major summative assessment. “Though some parts of the retake policy are a bit disappointing, I’m still grateful for the opportunity to be able to retake to get a higher grade,” said Tia.