Interact Club Back in Business

Lauren Yeo, Writer/Editor

After a year and a half in pause, Broad Run’s Interact Club hosted their first in club meeting last Wednesday. This service club worked hard to find community service opportunities for their members during distance learning and they are finally doing in person activities. 

During Covid, it was quite difficult to organize the club itself. Although, we made it work with donations and drives. It was a shame that we could not do our bigger activities like Color Run or Rise Against Hunger, but that just makes me more excited for this year,” Jaya Shah said.

“It’s a breath of fresh air to get our members to be together and do these fun activities. Human company helps everyone have a good time while serving,” co-president Lauren Yeo said.  

As their first in-club activity, Interact Club made appreciation cards for our Broad Run bus drivers. 

Since the pandemic, Loudoun County has had a major bus driver shortage so they are very high in demand. They are picking kids up from 3-5 schools in multiple different loads. They are working overtime to get kids back home safely. 

“The first in-club meeting was so much fun! We made cards to bus drivers and it was so rewarding to hand them out to them,” co-president Shah said.

“Seeing the members work hard on their cards and write meaningful messages to our bus drivers was so inspiring! I hope it made their days a little better,” Alexis Nketia said.

“Our future plans are planning new activities that the members will thoroughly enjoy while making a positive impact on our community,” Shah said. This is just the beginning of Interact’s community service activities.