Back With The Maroon And Gold


Liz Fikru

Broad Run students participate in Spirit Days for the upcoming “Battle Of The Burn” game against Stone Bridge.

Sammy Sefekme, Lead Editor

With the new school year underway, Broad Run SCA has been busy working with the school to come up with school spirit days, homecoming themes, and more. SCA has done a great job injecting the school spirit into the school. Many Broad Run students have taken part in the school spirit days such as Country Club vs Country or Disney Day. They have been very active on Instagram to send the memo about spirit days as well as themes for the football games. SCA works alongside DECA on many projects, with Battle of the Burn coming up soon they have been working together selling t-shirts and coming up with spirit days for the biggest game of the year. 


With half the student body not being able to experience Homecoming and the spirit days, it has been important for SCA to get everyone involved. Senior Bella Amato has described how they’ve adjusted since the pandemic.“A lot of the events are adjusted because of covid regulations, we see a lot more school spirit because everyone’s excited to be back!” SCA has many things planned for this year, after a successful homecoming they will be looking forward to Jingle Ball banquet, PNO’s, spartan showdown, screen on the green, and more. 


Being creative and unique is not very easy, Senior Emilee Lupisella talks about the creative process of coming up with spirit days and themes. “We brainstorm tons of different spirit days and then pick our favorite one, We try to think of spirit days people can do in groups. We also try to think of creative ones but also some easy and basic ones!” SCA has been a popular club that increases in student participation every year. Emilee talks about what impacted her to join SCA, “I loved dressing up for all the spirit days. I wanted to be directly a part of running spirit days.” SCA isn’t just a club or a group, there is a close knit bond between all the members. They range between many grades working together on daily tasks. “It’s so lovely to be a part of a strong student body,” said Bella. “I love it! I would definitely recommend it for any underclassmen that want to get involved!” said Emilee.