Deck The Halls: Homecoming Hallways and Murals


Nicole Gulosh

The Clue based mural painted by the juniors.

Nicole Gulosh, Staff Member

Every year, hallways explode with color on the Friday before homecoming. The madness of school spirit takes hold, invigorating everyone that steps foot in the building with a renewed vigor. The year’s theme was board games. Each grade gets its own board game to take inspiration from. Seniors had Candy Land, juniors had Clue, sophomores had Monopoly, and freshmen had the Game of Life. The students of the grade then decorate the hallways and paint a mural based on that theme, as well as incorporating a school sport that was chosen for them. Class sponsors helped the students come up with ideas and provided supplies. Students also competed in the spirit contest that was running throughout the week. The best mural and decorated hallway won!

To paint the murals, students stayed after school several days of the week leading up to the final day, Friday. The first step of the process was to solidify a design. Many brains came together to spitball ideas, resulting in the final sketch. From there they transferred the drawing from the paper. And finally, light pencil sketches done with hesitant hands turned into beautiful images of color using paint. Students from the school joined the mural team for several reasons. “I wanted to be more involved in school and it seemed fun,” sophomore Joaquin Tuckett said. Students who had done the mural in the past and students who had never done the mural before decided to participate. “I’ve been doing the mural since freshman year, I think that it’s a great way to get involved with school and to leave your mark,” said senior Maria Massana. Junior Tiffany Vo, who created the design of the junior mural, said, “It was so fun and new since it was my first time painting a mural.” Junior Grace Cora said, “ I did the mural in 9th grade, and I knew some similar people were doing it, so I wanted to do it with them.” COVID prevented students from doing it last year, so everyone was excited for the murals to come back. “I was sad that I couldn’t do it last year because of COVID, so when my friend mentioned it I decided to help,” senior Abby Bressette said. People also joined so they could spend time with their friends. Senior Dani Schiff said, “The fact that we got to do it with other people, that was the best part.”  

To decorate the hallways was a different process. Instead of paint, students adorned the hallways with paper decorations that fit the theme. There were also students that live acted parts of the decorations during the Friday morning. The sophomores had a jail for monopoly, seniors had a Candyland path, and the freshman had career cards.  “My favorite part of the process was getting to show the judges… I got to dress up like a cop and guard the jail,” sophomore Mallory Sultan said. The students also had to deal with difficulties in their process, but they prevailed. Freshman LJ Peters said, “[The structure] couldn’t support its own weight, but we got it up.”  

The murals will be in the school forever, and though the hallway decorations were only up for one morning, they left their mark. In the mural competition, seniors came first, juniors came second, sophomores came third, and freshmen came fourth. In the hallway competition, seniors came first, juniors came second, sophomores came third, and freshmen came fourth. The mural and hallway decorating process brought color and school spirit to Broad Run!