Is Being An ELL Student Hard?


ELL stands for English Language Learner. ELL students are the students who need more help with English, because they may come from other countries.  Most  ELL students feel like  ELL teachers get them more than regular teachers. 


Most of the ELL students have come from many different countries. Some have been in the United States longer than others. The ELL students learn different Levels of English depending on how long they have been in the United States. Azeen Gardon, an ELL student from Afghanistan, said “ I have been  in the United States for  4 years now and in the ELL program 3 year now.” “ [I arrived]  in the United States when I was 9 years old and [being ELL for] 7 years,” says sophomore Karima Traish. Freshman Sahel Kalemzai said “[ around] 2 years, one year as an ELL student.” As you may know, some students have been in the United States longer than others. 


Some people may have different thoughts about how being an ELL student feels. Everyone has a different experience. Being a newcomer is really hard, because the teacher doesn’t understand the language you speak. Most of the teachers understand some people who speak Spanish.  ELL teachers are  more helpful than regular teachers. Newcomers may also feel different from others. Karima Traish said “ I feel different [because] sometimes I feel like  I’m dumber than some of the students. [the regular student]  knows more English than I do [that’s the only difference].” “ Well, it is not really much different from being a regular student. The teachers are more helpful. They understand  when you ask questions and they help more than a regular teacher.” says sophomore Azeen Gardon. 


Over the past year the ELL students have improved in different ways such as writing , speaking, and reading skills. Some may have reached their progress goal and some have not. Karima Traish said “ I definitely learned more words, especially some of the class. I improved my speaking and reading skills, but my writing is still inferior. Azeen Gardon  said,  “I have improved because [My English]was good when I first arrived here, but I’m better now.” [I did improve my English].  Like I knew English , but I wasn’t that  good. I now improve my writing skills more,” said Sahel Kalemzai. All the ELL students are proud of themselves because they reached their goal and got better at the language they never knew. 


ELL students have come with a way to describe an ELL program.  Describing an ELL program from the ELL student’s perspective  is so helpful. It shows the teacher how the ELL student feels about the program, and it also can give the teacher an idea of what they need to improve or change about the ELL program. Sahel Kalemzai said,“ Meaningful , because I learned so many things about English culture through easy lessons.” “Fun because you can be with people that speak [the same language as you.], “ Said Karima Traish. “ I think the ELL program is amazing. It’s very helpful for students,“said Azeen Gardoon. They are so thankful that they have an ELL class and it helps them a lot. 


Every student has their own opinion. ELL students are hoping to change things in the ELL program because some events are  not helpful for them and it becomes boring sometimes .Some students now are not ELL students, but they used to be in the ELL program. They grew up in the ELL program and learned.  Karima Traish said ”instead of putting all the ELL students [in one class every single day]. They could  spread some people around a little.  Instead of the same student every single year”.  “I don’t really know but the studies are a bit easier. I want them a little bit hard”. Said Sahel Kalemzai.  Sahel Kalemzai wants to challenge himself.


Do you think being an ELL is hard? In my opinion it is not hard once you are advanced, but as newcomers it is so hard and frustrating. As you read practice it gets better and better. Some people may think that ELL students are so dumd, but no they are not. ELL students are amazing students and geniuses because Ell students speak more than 4 laugugue than regular students.  I was a ELL student once and learned many things and I’m proud of it. Keep your great work.