Need a novel idea for staying safe during COVID?

Sure, we all may be stuck at home, but there’s one thing COVID can’t take away from us: reading!  Check out one of these favorite books, curl up at home, and forget about the pandemic for a bit.

Perhaps you’re prepared for a mystical adventure! Throne of Glass is a fantasy novel series written by Sarah J. Maas. The story follows teenage assassin Celaena Sardothien who competes for her freedom in a corrupt kingdom with a tyrannical ruler. The longer she stays, the stranger things become, maybe even going as far as costing someone’s life.

  • “The book has a lot of puzzles and really cool characters.” -Sophomore Natalia Molina

Perhaps you’re ready for a fast-paced historical fiction novel! Prisoner B-3087 is a book by Alan Gratz, famed historical fiction author. The story follows a Jewish boy in the 1930s who is at the mercy of the Nazis. Everything he knows has been taken from him and now he has to struggle to survive one concentration camp after another.

  • “[It’s] interesting and captivating.” -Sophomore Mallory Sultan
  • “[Prisoner B-3087] tells an amazing story.” -Sophomore Chase Sudki

Perhaps you’re ready for an emotional contemporary novel! Everything, Everything is a contemporary novel by Nicola Yoon. Despite it being her debut novel, it gained fame quickly. The story follows Madeline, a teenage girl suffering from SCID, a disease that makes even going outside a deadly experience. After meeting a certain someone, her mundane life suddenly becomes that much more interesting.

  • “Full of adventure, emotional rollercoasters, and so much more.” -Sophomore Sahar Kakar

Perhaps you’re ready for a suspenseful novel! One of Us Is Lying is a young adult mystery/suspense book written by Karen M. McManus. Despite it being her debut novel, it has quickly gained popularity. The story is about what happens when five high school students go into detention but only four come out alive. You’ll be on tenterhooks following the students that survived the ordeal and figuring out which of four are lying about their innocence.

  • “[One of Us Is Lying] has a good mystery and likable characters.” -Freshman Jack Brodsky.
  • “It always keeps you guessing and the end is very surprising.” -Sophomore Nithya Sunkara
  • “Every page had me engaged.” -Sophomore Samsher Mahli

Perhaps you’re ready for a twisted sci-fi story! The Warcross Duology is a series by Marie Lu. A clever story following Emika Chen, a teenage hacker who hacks into a worldwide Warcross tournament, or a game that has spread across the globe. However, instead of being arrested, Emika is invited to meet with the creator of the game, young billionaire Hideo Tanaka. He offers her an irresistible opportunity which drags her into a sinister plot which just might affect the whole world.

  • ‘The author did an incredible job of weaving romance and action seamlessly together, resulting in an enticing and gripping book that I was unable to put down.” -Freshman Sam Lombard

Perhaps you’re ready for a mind-bending dystopian story! The Scythe Trilogy follows Citra and Rowan, two people who live in a futuristic society where nobody dies a natural death. The only way to die is to be killed by a scythe, or a specially trained person whose job is to keep the population in check. Together, they train and compete to become scythes, meanwhile battling with the morality of their new occupation.

  • “It was one of the few books I genuinely enjoyed. I found myself wanting to enjoy the series.” -Sophomore Anshula Goddam