From Broad Run to Pro Soccer – Sammy Sergi


Nathan Lee, Lead Editor

Here at Broad Run, there have been many graduates who have gone on to do amazing things whether that is being a professional athlete or even an actor in Ratatouille like Patton Oswalt. One of these graduates is Sammy Sergi. Sammy is a professional soccer player currently playing for a club called New Mexico United which is a professional league called the USL Championship which is a part of the US soccer system. Before going pro, Sergi played Division 1 Soccer at Xavier University and was an all state athlete for Broad Run in football as a kicker and soccer. In 2014, Sergi and his team won a soccer state championship for Broad Run. The Spartan  interviewed Sammy Sergi and asked him a couple of questions on his experience at Broad Run and his inspiration for current students at Broad Run. 


  1. What was your experience at Broad Run like?

“I’ll always be grateful for my experience at Broad Run……I got to play sports with some of my best friends who I grew up with in Ashburn and created some special memories while winning a state championship. From an academic perspective, I was more than ready to be in a collegiate atmosphere as well.”


  1. What was your favorite part about Broad Run?

“My favorite part about BRHS was being able to play two sports with two very talented programs. The football team had athletes that went on to play at the next level, and even in the NFL. From the soccer side, we got to win a state championship and celebrate with some of my closest friends to this day.”


  1. What was the most challenging part about high school?

“The most challenging part of high school was having to leave school early my senior year to travel 2 hours to soccer practice in Bethesda Maryland, while trying to balance a tough school schedule. My teachers were very accommodating to me and ill always be grateful for that.”

  1. Do you still stay in contact with your fellow friends and teachers after graduating from Broad Run?

I definitely stay in touch with my friends from high school, especially some of my teammates who got me to where I am today. The whole Ashburn community has been so good to my family and I, and Ill always come back to town with a smile on my face of all the memories that were created there.”


  1. As a pro soccer player, what has playing soccer for Broad Run taught you that transitioned with you to the D1 college level and to New Mexico whether that is strength, teamwork, etc…?

Biggest takeaway from Broad run is the fact that teams that get along together on and off the field are the ones that win. At the pro level, you have a ton of quality players. But it’s the teams that bond and grow together in the locker room, on the field, and in their daily lives that make a run at a trophy.”


  1. What is your advice to future athletes at Broad Run hoping to play pro one day?

“My biggest advice is to soak it all in. Your four years will fly by and you’ll rarely be in a locker room with guys/girls you grew up with and sharing a field and team together. Some of my favorite soccer memories came from winning a trophy in a Spartan uniform and they’ll stick with me for a lifetime.”


  1. Online school is very challenging for many students mentally, how would you motivate the Broad Run community to stay strong and persist during these times?

I cant even imagine how tough it would be to have online classes and no be able to spend time with some of my closest friends in high school and beyond. Like I said before, Ashburn is a pretty special place where the community is very tight knit and always supporting one another. I encourage everyone to take heart of that and believe that this is just another opportunity to come together as a community and grow with one another, support one another, and love one another like we always have. This isn’t the end of the story, and praying that the light of the end of the tunnel can come sooner than later. And when it does, it’ll make the community more grateful than ever for what we have.”


Thank you Sammy for letting us interview you. I and the Broad Run Community wish you the best of luck in your professional career and you will forever be known as a Spartan! Keep doing big things Sammy!