Meet 2021 Cheer Captain, Ali!


Nathan Lee, Lead Editor

One of the many aspects of Broad Run that makes our school so unique from other schools is our unparalleled school spirit. At every football game whether it is home or away, the Maroon Crew is always roaring and rooting for the Spartans to score a touchdown and ultimately claim victory. The main group that helps keep the excitement and loudness going are the cheerleaders as they help lead the chants and dances which helps the hype last the whole game. Not only does the cheer team just help keep the school spirit going but they have also been one of the most successful teams at Broad Run in recent years and one of the most decorated in the state having won two state championships in the past 3 years. This year, the cheer squad is working even harder to achieve their goals of winning another state championship. As football season is underway currently and the cheer team will begin to start competing in the coming weeks, The Spartan decided to interview Senior Captain Ali Smallwood who is a fourth year varsity cheerleader about her experiences with Broad Run Cheer. 


We started off by asking Ali a question about what it is like to be on the school cheer team. According to Smallwood, the Broad Run Cheer team is all very close and becomes close very quickly. With practicing every day after school, Saturdays, and on Monday and Wednesday mornings, there is so much time for them to work hard to achieve their goals while also creating amazing bonds with each other on the team. Being her final year, Ali says that she will miss her experiences a lot and especially being able to cheer on the sidelines. 


“Knowing this is my final year, it makes me look back on all the years I’ve been here and all the amazing things my teammates and I have accomplished. I am sad this is the final year but glad I’ve had the experiences I did”,  says Smallwood of what it feels like to be her last year on the team. 


“One thing I’ll miss about Broad Run Cheer is game days. The feeling of being able to lead your school and cheer on the boys is amazing and I wouldn’t trade these past 4 years for anything. Seeing how much I’ve grown since my freshman year and now being captain on the cheer team and leading my team on Friday nights is so exciting and I’m so blessed I’ve been able to experience the things I have,” said Smallwood when asked about what she will miss the most about BR Cheer. 


For the final part, we asked Ali to write a message to people who want to cheer for Broad Run in the future. She states that, “Being a part of the Broad Run Cheer team has been an amazing experience and so much fun. The bonds you make with your teammates are really like no other. If you’re thinking about joining BR cheer do it!! You don’t even need prior cheer experiences. The coaches are amazing and will help you learn new skills everyday.”


We wish the best for the Broad Run Cheer Team this year and for Ali’s final year along with all the other senior cheerleaders! Let’s go Spartans! #BROE