How To: Get a Job


Ken Furusho is one of the many managers of Off Broadway Shoes.

Ari Khan, Writer/Editor


Our pathway to adulthood begins when we first step foot into high school.  There are many people who have begun working at multiple places around Ashburn; yet, some are still struggling to find a job.  It isn’t a difficult task to get a job in Ashburn, especially if you’re willing to look for it. You must be motivated and feel the need to finally be a bit independent; to go searching for new opportunities.  There are many jobs available in Ashburn, such as places like Off Broadway Shoes, Dominos, or even the new grocery store Lidl. It’s very helpful to begin balancing education and work now rather than waiting until after high school to do so.



Many students believe that they don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to go out and get a job.  Maybe you aren’t looking for one at the moment, but once you go out in search for your opportunities, you’ll see why it’s not difficult to find a job that fits your needs or criteria.  Show initiative to employers, gain their attention and tell them how you’re the one they need. Motivate yourself to learn on your own, step out of your comfort zone a little, and discover the great opportunities put in place for you.  You have to reach for it on your own, because no one is going to hand it to you.



Your resume is a sneak peak of who you are; it shows your skills, education, previous experiences, and how much work you put into the goals you want to achieve.  There’s so much your resume can tell an employer; just by looking over it and employer can decide if you’re worthy of their time. The format, the skills you present and the experience you share is all up to you.  First, I recommend you list your objective, add your skills, then your previous experiences, even if that experience is babysitting. After your experiences, list your education and your references. References can be a coach or a teacher who has seen you work first hand on a project or assignment; your references isn’t limited to past employers.  Voila, you have a resume ready to go.



 Clothing is a very important representation of you when looking for a job.  The first impression you make will always stick. Those shorts and birks won’t cut it when looking for a job; I’m telling you this after being in 20 interviews over the past year.  You want to represent confidence but not arrogance, eagerness but not clumsiness, enthusiasm as well as initiative, and punctuality. You should ask questions during your interview, to show that you’re interested in the job as much as they are interested in seeing you work.  Be respectful, mannerful and allow yourself to converse with the employer. Listen and answer truthfully, go in with a smile, and make sure to achieve a good first impression.



The career center is a good way to get a start, going into stores that have “NOW HIRING” signs at the front, and a good way to search for jobs is on websites as well, such as,, and  These three websites are very helpful; all you have to do is upload your resume, search for jobs that meet your interests, and that’s all it takes. Getting a job requires commitment and if you’re ready to take that step, you should.  The only way to find opportunities is to get out of your comfortable pjs, and go look for them.



If you are 15 years old you can still get a job if you would like.  All you need to do is sign the work permit and get the employer you’re interested in working for to sign it.  If you do not want to go through that long process, you can work at Ashby Ponds as well.


You have got this in the palm of your hands.  Many places I know that are hiring at the moment is Ashby Ponds, Off Broadway Shoes, Dominos, Lidl, Ashburn Inn, Four Sisters, and so many others.  Go out and look for what fits your interests, I believe in you and I know others will encourage you too.