Special Needs Field Day


A student from Broad Run High School meeting his new friend

Ari Khan, Writer/Editor

Walking into a room filled with children was overwhelming but nonetheless heart-warming.  Seeing us waiting and raising our hands in a hurry when asked to volunteer seemed to make all their faces light up.  We may have made their day the best time of their lives, but they certainly made our morning much better.  

The children came from schools around the county such as Stone Bridge High School, Trailside Middle School, Farmwell Middle School, Eagle Ridge Middle School, Belmont Station Middle School, Discovery Elementary School, Mill Run Elementary School, Ashburn Elementary School, Sanders Corner Elementary School, Cedar Lane Elementary School, and even our own Broad Run High School.  

Many people didn’t know about special needs field day last year, but this year there may have been more students than children.  Each child was surrounded by at least two or three students, and each student couldn’t seem to get enough of the child. While some sat their assigned child onto a scooter and pulled them around, others gave them piggy-back rides, and some even played basketball.  Cup-stacking, bowling, racing, and ping pong with beach balls were all stationed throughout the gym. Every game was played a couple of times, the children got bored easily and jumped over to the next new thing. Their laughs and smiles made the whole gym light up like fireworks had been set off.

Being apart of an experience that can directly affect a child’s life is a special moment. Just being around such a diverse group of students and being their friend for a few hours is something everyone can cherish.  I’m sure everyone in the gym that day loved special needs field day; we won’t forget it.