Clue: The Mystery Unfolds


Photo by Juliann Jacobs

Broad Run High School’s production of Clue: On Stage is premiering this week! The Spartan is taking to the hallways of our school to ask the thespians in this production what they are most excited about. 


Senior Asha Hussein, who plays Mrs. White, says that she is most excited for Clue because of how much of a “faced paced, funny show” it is.


“This is the first fall play where we have a lot of filming, a lot of the stuff is being documented. I think this is the biggest set we’ve ever had. It the first time Broad Run is doing Cappies, hopefully, it goes really well,” said Hussein.


Senior Matthew Solomon, who plays Mr. Green, said that the part that he is most excited about is his character’s plot twist at the end of the play. 


“You’ll have to see it to find out!” said Mr. Solomon.


Senior Luke Marks, who plays Colonel Mustard, said he loves this play because it’s “a murder mystery, a whodunnit?”. Mr. Marks is most excited about seeing how the endings play out!


Senior Calvin Simpkins plays Professor Plum, “a pretentious and overconfident ‘dude’ who thinks he’s ‘hot stuff’.” Mr. Simpkins says that he is most excited about, “seeing all our hard work get paid off”


Senior Gaby Shelton plays Mrs. Peacock, “a religious old woman.” Shelton says she is really looking forward to opening night because it’s her first big role in a production and she “gets to do this really fun thing” with all of her friends.”


Junior Samantha Fila plays Miss Scarlet, “a very sexy, sensual lady, who runs a top-secret agency for classified affairs”. The thing she’s most excited about is “to get all the way through it, and to be happy with the performance it’s going to be an amazing show!” 


Junior Emily Collet plays Yvette, the maid who has her own aspirations. Collet is the most excited “to see everyone get captivated by the aura and the environment that we create” for opening night.


Sophomore Tristan Fishel plays Wadsworth, the butler. Mr. Fishel says what he’s most excited for is for “people to see what we are working on, see what we have done!”


The Spartan even got to talk to the assistant directors, juniors Theo Mastio and Kylie Loy! They said that working on the show is an absolute blast and they are working really hard on it. Loy says that she “was excited to see the finalized show, it’s looking amazing so far, and it’s only going to get better from here on out!”


Last but certainly not least, The Spartan spoke to Mr. Kalbaugh, the director. He said that this is Broad Run Theatre’s “most ambitious show.” He is excited to see the kids pull it all together for opening night.

Go see Clue: On Stage on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7:00 in the Broad Run auditorium