Acts-Of-One; A Battle For A Better Cause


Broad Run Maroon Crew repping Acts-Of-One Merch.

Ari Khan, Writer/Editor

Acts-Of-One is a DECA project invented by Junior Nick Simon, Sophomore Emilee Lupisella, and Sophomore Liz Fikru. 


This projects purpose was to spread kindness and mental health awareness throughout the Ashburn community and many other communities as well.  They obtained a chance to ask a famous youtuber to do a vlog of the week. This project took place from the week of October 29 to November 1.


“I was on vacation over the summer and I met this woman who told me about her daughter.  She had taken her life due to bullying at her school. We need to address issues like these, because many people don’t understand how much their words can impact others,” said Lupisella.


They hope to reach out to more people and communities via their social media, instagram – brhs_actsofone.


“We went from 500 followers to 800 followers within just two days,” said Lupisella


Every project faces a challenge of some type at its peak moment.  Obstacles are thrown in every direction. There were many challenges they faced when creating this project.


“We needed to redo our logo about four times, we had a hard time getting it out in the open so people could notice it.  Next year, we plan to change the name, add field trips, and we plan to make it a lot bigger,” said Lupisella.


This year was just the take-off year of Acts-Of-One.  Next year they will have more activities planned along with more members and more people taking action.  Broad Run students believe mental health awareness should be addressed and, with Acts-Of-One, there will be more notice in the community.