Foresight 2020 – October

– October –

Every month, the Foresight 2020 organization picks four random seniors and one teacher. Those selected people are given $20.20 to spend on any act of kindness of their choice. The students highlighted on their website in the month of October included Kesean Dyson, Aanchal Dubey, Isaac Latimer, and Donny Reidy.


Latimer and Reidy were both chosen to be the October students for the organization. They decided to team up in their efforts, along with their friend Kai Fujimoto, to do something so incredible and beyond the organization’s wildest dreams. Together, they bought 32 meals and distributed them to the homeless in D.C. What makes these three students so incredible, is that they went past handing out food. They stopped to talk to the homeless people they were helping, took the time to listen to their stories, and got to know them. They even filmed their experience and created a documentary that they posted to YouTube.

Isaac Latimer, Donny Reidy, and Kai Fujimoto

Dyson took a member of the freshman football team out to watch a football game and eat wings. This act of kindness also goes outside of using the money to give people material objects. Dyson also gave the young freshman his time, which can be more valuable than 1,000 chicken wings. Dubey used her $20.20 to put together little gift packages full of candy and muffins for the Broad Run custodial staff. Dubey recognized that the custodians are some of the most hard-working, yet underappreciated, people in this school.